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In this world of sports betting, who more and who less has had their quarrels with the bookmakers. Limitations, bet cancellations, account blocking... The list is endless.


The easiest way to protest against these excesses is to file a complaint with the DGOJ (General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling). Although it has a reputation as a partisan (in favor of the bookmakers, of course), filing a complaint with the DGOJ is a resource that we cannot ignore. In the end, it is she who decides which houses can and cannot operate in Spain, and the bookies try not to give them reasons to withdraw their license.


Also, it is a free procedure and not too tedious. Here we teach you how to do it:


The first step is to register with the DGOJ. The easiest way to do it is through this link:


Fill in the form, and click 'OK'. They will send you an email to verify your email. Click on the confirmation link, and you're ready to complain.


. It is convenient that before protesting, you have claimed the bookmaker itself through its Customer Service, at least twice. Take screenshots of the conversations you have had with them, and save them to attach them to your claim.


If you want to make your complaint online, click on the following link:


Fill in the personal fields (and ignore the representation fields). On the second page it will show you the form where you must describe your complaint. It looks more or less like this.

Captura (1).jpg

In the 'Accompanying documentation' field, take the opportunity to include screenshots of your conversations with the bookmaker, as well as any additional documentation that you deem appropriate.


Do not forget to clearly explain which bookmaker you are directing your complaint against. You can find the list here:


Save your progress, and then click 'Back' (top right). It will take you to a screen with all the drafts of your complaints.


Click on 'Confirm', and PUM, your complaint will have already been sent. Now all that remains is to wait for the resolution, which will be notified to you by email.


You can find more details on how to claim against bookmakers in this blog:


This entryis intended to provide guidance to anyone suffering from this type of grievance, and I would never have thought of protesting against bookmakers otherwise. We believe that in this way we are helping the Game to be fair and equitable.

We do not guarantee the success of this procedure. We share it here because it is a procedure that has worked in situations like the ones we describe for other people. 


We do not assume any responsibility for the actions that the reader decides to take.

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